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The 9th Planet is a healthy eco catering in Warsaw. Thanks to us you do not need to get involved in any time-consuming shopping and cooking. It is enough to order our healthy catering in Warsaw and we will deliver you delicious meals so that you can focus on the activities you enjoy.

The 9th Planet is a healthy catering based on our passion for food

Are you looking for an ideal box diet that will be adjusted to your expectations? Do you want to eat vegetarian or plant-based meals that consist of the best quality products from local farmers? Then you have found an appropriate solution. The 9th Planet fulfills our dream about an ideal box diet. A 10-year-long experience of managing a restaurant has provided us with knowledge and skills that we have taken advantage of while creating our catering services.

Preparing healthy dishes is our passion and we want to share it with you each day. The 9th Planet employs the best cooks who are wholeheartedly devoted to their job.

A box diet in Warsaw without compromises

Each day you may choose from over a dozen dishes consisting of the best quality ingredients. In our kitchen we do not make any compromises nor take any short cuts. We prepare meals from seasonal products delivered by trustworthy farmers.

We guarantee a daily delivery of delicious meals to your home, office or any other place. We aim at designing a menu that will be tasty, healthy and diverse.

We also have a list of forbidden products! It includes white sugar, wheat flour nr 450, frying grease and intermediate products. We use unrefined cane sugar, hulled wheat, cleared butter and rape oil. All our meals are prepared from scratch as we know that their taste is then extraordinary.

You choose, we make it!

The healthy catering by the 9th Planet offers not only a perfectly balanced menu but also enables you to save time that you may devote to your passions, professional duties and leisure. Enjoy the wide choice of plentiful options concerning our vegetarian and plant-based sets that you can adjust according to the amount of calories and the number of meals.

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