The 9th Planet – why us?

A healthy diet and physical activities are the basis of our well-being. Unfortunately, very often due to a lack of time people do not prepare well-balanced dishes and reach for unhealthy snacks. The 9th Planet has been created for the ones that have no time, cannot cook or simply dislike it. Our meals consist of fresh nutritious ingredients – carefully selected by our cooks. We prepare such dishes which we personally would like to eat that is why our offer is always delicious and healthy!

Healthy food delivery - our eco box diet - as a new catering standard

We love sharing meals with our families and friends. Therefore we care a lot about the quality of the ingredients we choose. Throughout the years of managing our restaurant Ósma Kolonia we have gained the invaluable experience and have developed good networking so we know what to look for and where exactly.

We use ingredients which we also have on daily basis in our homes – seasonal vegetables from local farmers, various types of cheese, flour, groats from artisanal workshops and ecological eggs. In our kitchen you will not get white sugar, frying grease or flavour-enhancers. We have replaced them with much better equivalents as we value both good taste and well-being.

Our meals are mainly plant-based. We respect nature and select the best ingredients in a given season. Therefore we focus on vegetables, fruit, grain and nuts from our local partners such as Majlerts, Pan Ziółko or Mleczna Droga.

We aim at surprising you with new meals and unusual taste every day, which makes us keep extending our recipe base. We have them above 1000 and the number is still growing. Interesting and extraordinary tastes, seasonal dishes and surprising blends are our speciality.

Eco catering and doorbell dining

The meals that you find each morning at your door are prepared a day in advance from the best-quality ingredients. Then we pack them in biodegradable boxes and paper bags. In the evenings a delivery company picks them up and distributes everything in fridges directly to your home.

For people who want to have a full control over their order there is also an option of an evening delivery. A courier may come a day before between 6pm – 11pm. The meals will be stored all the time in your own fridge.

Thanks to the 9th Planet App you may gain even more opportunities! You can choose a menu for the whole week, prolong your order, change the delivery address, shift delivery days and evaluate the meals.

Eco-friendly packaging

Our meals are prepared a day in advance so the wrapping process plus delivery is the only compromise that we make. However, we still use the best-quality, eco-friendly packages as we respect people, food and our planet.

We do know that aesthetic matters so a nicely served dish tastes better. Therefore our eco packages are plant-based and bowl-shaped. They can be warmed up in a microwave or an oven. It is enough to remove the lid and unstick the label.

The 9th Planet is your best choice!

If you order our eco catering, you gain a lot of goodness for yourself and your family.

  • Quality: original recipes (without any processed food), seasonal and fresh products from trustworthy local farmers
  • Comfort: no shopping queues, time-consuming food preparation nor dish-washing. While using our services you can relax after work as your dinner will be always waiting for you.
  • Time efficiency: due to our eco box diet you will have more time for yourself and your relatives.
  • Experience: we have been restauranteurs for 10 years and love our job. So you can be sure that we are passionate and wholeheartedly dedicated to our services.
  • Choice: we dislike food monotony and boredom hence our priority is a varied menu. Each day you have a chance to select a meal, the amount of dishes and some additional options.
  • Variety: diversified meals bring pleasure.
  • Aesthetics: we value both taste and the visual aspects of a dish. Therefore we care about your colorful and beautifully served meals in eco packages.
  • Saving money: yes, it is not a joke. You save your money related to electricity, gas and petrol spendings. You do not need to do any shopping so you will not be buying any unhealthy snacks and unnecessary products. You also reduce the amount of wasted unused items.
  • Improving living standards: ready-made meals bring not only a bigger amount of time for yourself and your relatives but also a greater vitality each day. You will provide your organism an adequate number of calories and an appropriate amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Eat healthy food and take care of yourself! The eco box diet from the 9th Planet is a good way leading you to your well-being.